Sourcing the best Quality Cacao Beans is the first step of ensuring good quality chocolates. It is sourced from around Asia and mainly The Philippines. Adobo Kitchen deals directly with the Farmers to ensure the Cacao Beans are of the Highest Quality.

Our Chocolate Bars are Single Origin, meaning each individual Chocolate Bar only contains Cacao Beans from one region and farm. This makes our Chocolate Bars unique in that each bar has its own individual flavour characteristics depending on which region the Cacao Beans come from.


The Cacao Beans are carefully hand sorted removing any unwanted beans before it is roasted. This is a critical part of the chocolate making stage as foreign and over fermented cacao beans can impart unwanted flavour in the Chocolate Bars.


Once the Cacao Beans have been roasted, it is then hand winnowed to removed the outer husks of each beans revealing the cacao nibs. 


The Cacao Nibs and other ingredients are put into stone melangeur/grinder to grind for at least 48hours, to achieve a smooth silky texture. During this time it is critical to maintain and control the temperature of the chocolate so that it doesn't loose any of the natural flavour characteristics of the Cacao Beans. By doing so our Chocolate Bars retain the unique flavour profile that the cacao bean origin offers, making it less bitter than commercial chocolates that goes through high temperature during its process.


Our Dark Chocolate only contains three major ingredients CACAO BEANS, ORGANIC COCOA BUTTER and ORGANIC COCONUT SUGAR, making our Dark Chocolate range VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE.

Our Milk Chocolate range are created with the addition of Milk Solids. 


After a few days of conching/grinding the ingredients into a smooth silky texture, our chocolate are then allowed to rest and solidify.

It is then aged/matured for a month for the flavour of the chocolate to develop, before it is hand tempered on a marble surface ready to be made into chocolate bars for everyone to enjoy.