Sourcing Cacao Beans from The Philippines, John Carasig has developed a new range of Chocolate Bars which are carefully handcrafted. Using the old method of chocolate making John manages to allow the flavour profile of the particular region of Cacao Beans to shine. Adobo Kitchen only uses Single Origin Cacao Beans in each Chocolate Bars making it's flavour profile unique

My Chocolates are Handcrafted using Cacao Beans sourced from The Philippines and comes from two different regions in Davao City, Malagos and Toril.

The Malagos and Toril Cacao Beans are produced in the foothills of Mount Talomo where the land is teeming with fruit crops. The difference between two regions is that Malagos has an abundance of pineapple crops where Toril has banana crops. These play a major part in the flavour profile of cacao beans where Malagos has a citrus/pineapple note whereas Toril Cacao beans has more of a tropical/banana note.


Once aged it is then hand tempered on a marble benchtop and formed into bars for you to enjoy!!!