65% Dark Chocolate Earl Grey MALAGOS

Adobo Kitchen ABN : 60 254 773 234


Single Origin MALAGOS Chocolate Bar 50g

Characteristics : Fruitty characteristics with notes of Pineapple with Bergamot. Has a beatiful floral boquet 

Our Chocolates are handcrafted using Single Origin Cacao  Beans sourced from Malagos, Davao City, Philippines. The cacao beans are produced in the foothills of Mount Talomo, where the land is teeming with fruit crops.
The beans are hand sorted before they are roasted according to its flavour profile. It’s cracked to reveal the cacao nibs which are then stone ground till it’s smooth and silky. The Chocolate is then aged to allow the flavour to enhance and develop. It is then hand tempered and formed into a chocolate bar for you to enjoy.

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